Sacrificial Giving

I think it’s safe to say that nobody likes to be called a fool – even if it is a “rich” fool, like the character in the parable in Luke 12:13:21; so, what do we need to do to avoid such name calling in our lives? The closing verse in the passage indicates that we need to be “rich toward God”!
As I studied last week, that admonition became more and more challenging: am I rich toward God?
I proposed that the way to practically accomplish this task was by giving as the Apostle Paul described in 2 Corinthians, based on the example of the church in Macedonia, where giving would be both sacrificial and cheerful.
Since the end of the service yesterday, I have had several people share stories of how God met them in unique situations and directed them to be cheerful givers (and thank you so much to everyone who shared – both in person or on social media!).
However, I didn’t have anyone approach me with a tale of how God led them to give sacrificially. And while I am certain it is happening – the lack of shared stories makes me wonder if sacrificial giving isn’t the much harder task to undertake.
I began to comb through my own experiences, to see if I had could recall a time when giving to God had been truly sacrificial – and I am embarrassed to admit that the only time I could recall occurred roughly 13 years ago!
When Christina and I first began supporting a girl from the Dominican Republic (through Kids Alive), God had just blessed us with our third child (our first and only little girl!), and we were moved to action during a presentation at our church to sponsor a beautiful little girl who was born very near our daughter’s birthday.
The catch was that we had recently adjusted our household budget and, literally, every dollar was accounted for! We did not have the necessary funds available every month to sponsor this child, and yet, we were sure that we were supposed to!
So, out of obedience, we filled out the sponsorship papers – and then went home and tore up our budget to start again! Something had to go…and sadly, part of it was Diet Coke (and Christina made some sacrifices, too!).
We have been blessed and benefitted so much from our long distance relationship with this young girl (and are blown away by the fact that she will spend eternity in Heaven, because she began a relationship with God, by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ, last year!). It is an absolute “no doubter” that we are thrilled that we gave sacrificially for this cause all those years ago.
Yet, being totally honest – I can’t think of any other recurring examples of our giving being sacrificial (and now you see why the message was so challenging for me this past week!). I promise that I will be praying and journaling about my obedience to the practical instruction of how to be rich toward God in my life over the coming weeks and months; how about you? God bless you all!

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