Passionate Love

I love my wife. Actually, I don’t know if that comes close to explaining the depth of how I care for Christina. I love my wife and I am in love with my wife. There, that seems a little better, but, somehow, still not adequate. I love my wife and am in love with my wife and think she is the most beautiful woman God has ever placed on this planet. Now I may be on to something. I’m close, but there is still something missing. Let’s try this: I love my wife and I am in love with my wife and think she is the most beautiful woman God has ever placed on this planet AND I desire to show her my love through my actions. Yeah, that’s it.
See, all the flowery words about my deep love and her amazing beauty (and I’m still trying to figure out why a princess like her would marry a “Shrek like” creature like me!?!) don’t convey the passion I want to explain, until I add in the action portion of my love.
Last week we studied the parable of the Two Debtors, from Luke 7:36-50, to unearth how we can develop passionate love for God (like the prostitute in Luke’s account displayed). The reality is that the woman in the story poured out her love for Christ in her attitude and her actions; which were strategically compared to the actions of Simon the Pharisee, who played it cool regarding having Jesus Christ as a guest in his home.
I want to be like that prostitute. And, without attempting to humble brag, I succeed in showing passionate love towards my wife, occasionally. Taking care of projects around the house, folding laundry, putting the toilet seat down – I have those things pretty well covered.
Sadly, my wife’s love speaks a foreign language to me, and it is spelled “t-i-m-e.” Therefore, I often fail at speaking her language in a way that would truly express the passion of my love for her. However, since we have been so blessed to be married for 20 years this past week, we have gotten to know one another fairly well.
After all those years, we are both still trying to grow in terms of speaking the correct language to each other. I delight in the times I converse in a vocabulary she speaks fluently (like when we got away together – just the two of us – for a few days last week to celebrate). But I realize that I still have a long way to go in showing her my overflowing love, consistently.
Here’s my point: I love my wife more than anything on this earth, and I still don’t love her well, at times. This makes me question; how am I doing at showing God how much I love Him?
He showed me the depth of His love by sending His Son to die on the cross, to pay the penalty for my sin. Then, Jesus rose from the grave, defeating my sin and death, and established His eternal kingdom, where I will get to be with God forever, because I have genuinely professed my faith in Him.
I am reminded of the great C.S. Lewis quote, “On the whole, God’s love for us is a much safer subject to think about then our love for Him.”
So true. I want to be the prostitute from Luke’s story. I want to pour out love on my wife (because God first loved me and brought the two of us together in the miracle of two people becoming one flesh), and I want to unashamedly overflow with love for my Savior.
There’s a goal for the rest of my life. Will you help hold me accountable? God bless you

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