Register now one time- for kids programs this summer.
Early registrations provide opportunities to prepare individual supplies for each child.  
Summer 2020 Special Announcements: 
*Due to the unique challenges of planning Children’s Ministry in keeping with the best practice guidelines as they relate to Covid-19, OCC Children’s Ministry, we ask that families pre-register for Kids programs this summer.  This better allows for preparation of individual materials and the planning of small groups. 
* Children’s Nursery and Toddler/Preschool programs run at the same time as these listed programs.  Please use the same sign-up form for these young children too.  
* Please choose 1 program for your child to participate in this summer, with the only exception being for volunteers. Understandably, family’s vacation and weekend schedule will affect ability to attend. 
* As always, children may attend any of the worship services with their families.
* All programs are planned with the expectation that the adults responsible for the children will be attending service, or involved with volunteer activities on the OCC campus during the event.  These are not drop-off programs, such as a traditional VBS or Awana. 

Two Great Programs to Choose From: 

(remember to sign up ahead!)

   Sunday Mornings      4 years-5th grade

Focus: An indoor, small group activity based, VBS themed, morning. We respond to God in faith, believing in what we CAN’T see, because of what we CAN see. 

       Monday Nights        2nd -5th grade

Mega Sports Camp Fundamentals: An outdoor, sports based evening. 
When kids face difficult opponents, adversity, getting tired, and high-pressure situations, good FUNdamentals lead to victory. 
* Younger children may participate in the outdoor sports program, based on the staffing available in the childcare area to accommodate their needs. 
What to Expect:
Before you arrive: 
Checking In: 
During the Event: 
  • Register for the event once- for the entire summer.
  • Be sure your child is feeling healthy before you come.
  • Take your child’s temperature, as part of a pre-health check, immediately prior to coming.
  • Any updates or special notices will be delivered to the e-mail or text provided with your child’s registration. 
  • Watch for a well-marked, outdoor check-in area, one for all ages of children. 
  • Parents/child will be asked a short series of health-related questions, including if temperature has been recently taken. 
  • If it has not, a no-touch forehead thermometer is available to do this at check-in, as needed. 
  • Immediately after check-in, all children wash their hands at a hand-washing station complete with kid-friendly ques. 
  • Kids then join their groups! 
  • Parents: please return to the check-in area for pick-up after the service.  
  • Siblings are kept together. 
  • Indoors: Kids join a pre-assigned small group area, which includes activity table, area rug, toys&games, and individual supplies. (as opposed to moving around the room for these various things)
  • Kids remain in that group area and with the same group of children throughout the morning.  
  • Large group lesson and worship/music is done from the center of the room, with kids participating from their group area rugs. 
  • Outdoors: Kids join groups in the grass areas. 
  • Outdoor activities are chosen by leaders for the event, based on best practices during this time (as opposed to kids choosing from various sports). 
Our goal is to have fun, in a smaller, kid-friendly environment,
         which still allows for interaction and engagement, as we learn about God. 
Questions?  Please email or contact the church office
Phone: (208) 743-1021
Address: 822 Bryden Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501