Adventures in Discipling

Of course, I don’t know the specific circumstances surrounding how God drew you into a relationship with Himself, but It’s my genuine hope that you had someone invest in your life and truly disciple you along the way, like I did.
My friend David was the Area Director with Young Life, when we first became acquainted – but it was his love of sports and love of fun and love of life that drew me to him. Honestly, when we first met, I had no idea what Young Life was and certainly knew little to nothing about Jesus Christ.
But David had a strong desire to hang out with me (because the object of my affection at that time – the current Mrs. Christina Green – was a volunteer Young Life leader) and we soon found that we had lots of things in common.
So, while David was investing time with me, he was cautiously asking questions about my life and my (lack of) spirituality. Finally, when I professed faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, David got around to asking me if I would like to be a volunteer Young Life leader with Christina.
Keep in mind that I was as “baby” as baby Christian’s can be – but because saying yes meant I could actually hang out with Christina (she would not “date” me until I became a Christ follower!) – I immediately jumped at the chance.
I don’t think David realized just how much he would have to disciple me, but as we prepared to take a bunch of high school kids to summer camp in Colorado, David explained the nuances and particulars of a week of Young Life camp. Most of it sounded doable, and actually fun, until he got to the part about “cabin time”.
Cabin time at Young Life camp is the portion of the day dedicated to sitting around with the folks in your cabin and discussing the things that were taught while the Gospel was being verbally proclaimed at “Club” (the all camp gathering that looks a lot like a worship service for lost people!). So, David informed me that as a brand new creation, I would be leading the guys in my cabin in this discussion.
I was mortified and asked what on earth was I supposed to do. And while I don’t remember all the specifics, I know I asked the exact question, “OK, what if some dude asks me if I have ever (and I will paraphrase this part) smoked, drank or chewed…or dated girls who did?”
Then, I tried to take him off the hook and answer my own question, so I replied, “Should I just lie to them?”
At that point, David must have felt like months of investing in me had been wasted – but he calmly responded, “No, that’s not the goal here. We need to be honest and transparent with these guys to show them that our relationship with God is not based on the stuff we do – but on our faith in Him.”
He went on to explain that all sins that are confessed will be forgiven and that God can and does work all things together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
Hearing him say that piqued my curiosity – and it was the first time I remember insatiably going to God’s word to both confirm David’s advice and be in awe of God for myself!
Again, that’s my hope for you; that you have had someone pour into your life out of an overflow of the Holy Spirit in them. And if you have – then I sure hope that you are currently paying that forward, and discipling someone in that same way! God bless!

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